Monday, December 3, 2012

My Perfect Broken Uterus

Happy Monday!  Once again the test results came back NORMAL from my SHG last week Friday.  Everything looked perfect.  Okay...then WHY DOESN'T IT WORK!???  Grrr...this is exhausting!  It was kind of a funny situation, we arrived at the RE's office just on time and checked in.  We had gotten coffees for the drive in and I need to "go".  So I got up to go to the bathroom, just finished when I heard an urgent knock on the door.  "DON'T GO"...I responded back with ..."TOO LATE!".  I guess I needed to take a pregnancy test (guess what it was negative) and thankfully I could still squeeze out the 5 drops needed to do it.  Would have been nice to know ahead of time.  At least the snotty receptionist remembered my name this time.

Okay so the plan is a few more tests (STD testing mostly) and an injection class/IVF seminar and we are slated for mid-late January to begin stimming.  This weekend I was cleaning up the house and I was putting away my hummingbird feeder.  I was kind of sad because all summer whenever I saw a hummingbird I thought it was my special sign of hope.  It was so great because they just seemed to appear whenever I needed them (which was quite frequently).  Anyways I was bummed to think about all winter how I won't be able to see my precious hummingbirds.  Then in one of the million emails I got this morning I found this:

So I bought myself a little early Christmas gift.  I just couldn't resist!  I feel guilty because we are trying to save up every penny for IVF, but I guess I need to treat myself once and awhile.  Another hectic week ahead, hope everyone has a good week!


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