Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Someone must have put something in my drink...

Why you ask?....For the first time in awhile I felt happy.  Not just happy, really happy.  I'm not saying it lasted that long or that I have been continuously happy, but it has been long time in this miserable IF process that I have felt just plain old happy.  I cleaned my house, went for a run, did all those little tasks that sometimes just seem impossible.  I felt good while doing them.  I cranked up my little red radio with some Luke Bryan and went crazy doing laundry, dancing, wiping cobwebs, vacuuming, singing, doing dishes and baking cookies.  I cracked a bottle of wine, rented a movie (Magic Mike!) and went out and had some drinks at the bar with my dear sweet hubby (who was bartending).  It felt good!  This week I even made a hair appointment!!  (Long story BUT: last hair appointment I had scheduled was after my 1st or 2nd failed IUI and prior to the appointment I was a mess and had too much wine and let the girl hack up my hair so now I have been growing it out and scared to go back.)

The only time this month I stopped to check where I was in the fertility scheme of things was when I had to schedule that darn SHG (had to be between Days 5-12) and yes I still am observing my CM and giving the Mr. the old wink wink when it is time (I'm such a romantic), but I don't feel so psychotic about it.  So I am not sure whether it is the meds. (20mg of Prozac daily for those who are wondering), the break we are sort of taking or the holiday buzz starting to kick in, but I wanted to document a few bright spots along with the negatives.

This weekend we are hosting, "A Very Nerdy Christmas" Party at our house.  I can't wait, we have outfits all picked out, suspenders, glasses, super awesome Christmas shirts ...oh and for me above the knee green and red striped socks and a plaid red skirt.  Will there be pictures...you bet!

And for all my IF sisters out there, PLEASE take time to make a big deal about the happy moments.  Often they are far and few between, and they might come at unexpected times but when you have them, they are very special and you should celebrate them!



Melissa said...

So glad that you're in a good place right now. It makes such a difference, doesn't it?! Kind of like how my husband came home from Culvers one day with a shake for me. Why? "You've been so nice to me lately." Thanks honey, I think. That's what happens when I've been off fertility drugs for three months! Ha!

Julie said...

Thanks Melissa! The best is when you have been SOOOOO crabby and you are finally in a good mood and then your husband is crabby. Of course then you say to him...what is your problem? Do you have your man-period? Then he just shake his head and rolls his eyes at you. LOL!!!