Wednesday, February 20, 2013

That Damn Dr. Google

Let me start by saying I am a google addict.  Ouch I stubbed my toe, let's check google to see if I should do anything that will help.  I peed and it smells funny, better ask Dr. Google why.  Okay yes, I admit it!  I'm addicted.  However Dr. Google does not make life any easier by finishing your sentences with

What the hell!  I was trying to be secretive.  Nope can't trick Dr. Google.  He knows you aren't looking up PMS are looking up early pregnancy symptoms.  Sucker!!! Everything is an early pregnancy symptom!

What is wrong with me?  I know I can't be pregnant.  We have been trying for more months than I can count anymore and starting IVF next month.  Yet, here I am CD30, 9DPO still googling my silly "sharp twinges cramps" in hopes it is an early pregnancy symptom JUST IN CASE a miracle happened.

I guess you just really never give up hope in miracles, but I should be smarter than that by now.

So I wait.


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Nikki Kueffer said...

My family has banned me from googling anything medical, and i have a self-imposed ban on webmd and similar sites. You are right though everything is a pregnancy symptom and is identical to pms, etc. Sucks to be a woman sometimes. But believe me miracles can happen, I'm looking at a 3-year-old one making up his own yoga poses as i type this ;)