Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Things are a-changin!

Hence the reason for going PRIVATE for awhile.  So I might as well get started.   I have been pretty unhappy at my current position at work for quite some time.  I enjoy what I am doing, but certain circumstances have made me feel ready to reach out and start looking for new opportunities...so I have been.  Probably since last November I started sending out my resume and applying for various jobs.  Up until after the first of the year I heard NOTHING back.  Then it seemed in the past month or so I have been doing an interview almost once per week and looking at similar jobs to what I am currently doing (advertising sales) and looking also at an outside sales position.

Well I just heard back that I will be getting an offer for the outside sales position this week!!!  I'm so excited!   It is almost like going out and interviewing has given me this new confidence like I can be more, and do more then what I am currently doing.  I do have options!!!  I haven't felt this good in ages. So that is my little secret and I will be keeping you posted as I hear more...and yes, I am in fact crazy for looking for new jobs while being so close to undergoing IVF.  Quick update, approximately CD29 and expecting AF around Saturday unless my ovulation calculation was off.  Either way I will probably be getting started very soon!

On to my weekend.  I was a little apprehensive about the weekend.  Another private thing I can finally share is that my in-laws do not know about our IVF plan.  The reason is that they do not approve of any fertility treatments so we made a decision to keep our fertility plans private from them.  I was so upset upon finding out of their disapproval I have not visited them in over 8 months (since June of last year).  I have come to terms with it and know that we have so many others who are there to support us that while it is sad they aren't going to be there for us in this journey, we have plenty of others who will be...including all of you!

So instead of just dreading this visit I made a plan!  A plan to make this trip more of a mini-vacation for myself and find things that I like to do rather than sitting around getting the third degree from the in-laws.  Friday was also fun we went out for Dick's birthday for dinner and gambling!  Here are some pictures and what I did:

Saturday morning I got up and went to "town" (Platteville, WI) and had already found a coffee shop online that i wanted to stop in at.  I had a chai tea latte and a poppy seed muffin (my favorite!) so I sat and read my book.
Next I went and got a manicure while I sipped on my latte!
My next big adventure was to climb the "M".  It is difficult to see in winter, but here will give you an idea:
If you look close you can see the outline through the snow in this picture.
I made it but it was cold and windy!
...but the scenery was worth it.

Saturday night we went out on the "town"!  The town consists of a bar and a church :).  We chose the bar.
Lady got in a nap.
Sunday we went for a drive and had some fun with Instagram...

...it was beautiful.
Sunday we flip flopped our  guest bedroom and office.
There is still a lot of work to do, but I love it!
Talk about share overload!  Hope you enjoyed and had a great weekend!



julie Thomas said...

Congrats on the new and exciting opportunity! :) hope all goes well.
Sorry to hear about the inlaws. That sucks,but yes you have plenty of other people who love and support you in this wonderful and exciting IVF journey. I know all about keeping secrets from the family. (Ours is for surprise) but when you know how people feel it makes it hard to enjoy the journey.

Nikki Kueffer said...

Thats wonderful about the job opportunity Julie! I am sad for your in-laws because they are so close-minded, but luckily you do have huge support system/cheering section and if all of this wasn't meant to be God wouldn't have lead you on this journey.

Julie said...

Thank you so much ladies. It is such a toss up on who you tell in the first place, but then to not get support is difficult, but I guess we knew going into telling people that not everyone would jump on board with us.