Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Medicated CD10 - More of my Lady Parts

So I had another u/s monitoring and blood work today.  Things are coming along, but I will have to go back on tomorrow for more monitoring.  Estimated retrieval is now pushed to Sun-Tuesday time frame.  Today I had the nurse practitioner do my u/s and she gave me an entire thumb drive with pictures from today's us to share with you!

Here are the results:

L: 6 > 11mm and 10+ smaller
R: 4 > 12mm and 20 smaller

Estrogen:  2,180.50
Progesterone: 0.60

Here is more than you ever would care to see of my uterus and ovaries:

Triple Stripe Whooo!  That is good even though I'm not totally clear on what this means other than it is GOOD!

Lots of follies...

Measuring them one at a time.

Oh NO! said not to worry it is outside the uterus!

Zoinks that is a big one!

Hoping for a lot of little eggies in there...

My St. Patties Day follie formation.  Its a 4 leaf clover!

I hope you enjoyed this presentation of my innards!  I think it is really cool to see :).  I was supposed to come in Friday for my next, but after the blood work they wanted to see me tomorrow again.



Kate said...

Julie, I really hope this all works out for you and Dick! I am excited that things seem to be going well. I would love another niece or nephew :)


Julie said...

Thank you Kate! Maybe we can get you both in one pregnancy ;)!