Thursday, March 7, 2013

Medicated CD11 - Getting SOOOO Close

Hello All,

I was feeling a bit grumpy this morning because the Mr. didn't come along to my appointment like he said he was going to, but everything worked out okay so I really just need to get over it.  We are getting so close, but at the same time things are moving at a nice pace.  I really don't want to go too fast and end up having my ovaries freak out and ovulate or over stimulate so things are good, very good!

So here you can see how my follicles are looking, obviously L1 - L10 is left ovary, R1-R10 is right.  I was told they will aspirate all the follicles no matter what size, but what we will be looking for is the mature eggs.  The likelihood of a mature egg increases with the larger size of the follicle.  As far as my blood work:

Estrogen 2,533.3
Progesterone .55

What does this mean you ask?

Another night of stims and another appointment tomorrow.  My best guess is that tomorrow will be trigger and Sunday retrieval!!

Buckle up folks, things are getting for reals real soon here!


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