Friday, March 8, 2013

Medicated CD12 - Patience..ahhhhhhh

Deep more day of stims (fingers crossed) still not quite there yet and we want to be sure everything is perfect.

Prog. .54
Estradiol 2,374.8

Follies are still growing, but we are able to let a few more of them grow since all my levels are steady.   Next U/S 8:30 tomorrow.  Hopefully then trigger tomorrow night and retrieval Monday.  Oh please let it be Monday!!!  I took today off from work and I am loving it!


Side note:  Notice anything interesting about the pills below? They are the same medication just two different generic versions of Estrace since the pharmacy didn't have enough to fill my gigantic perscription.  Hmmmm blue AND pink :) :)  Just sayin'!


julie Thomas said...
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julie Thomas said...

Sending nothing but positive vibes your way :)
Start my lupron tonight!! :)
Are you a day 5 transfer? We were, but our PGD stuff changed and we have to freeze then wait till my next cycle to do a frozen transfer.
Everything is getting SO REAL :) happy dance

Melissa said...

Ha! Love the pink and blue pills! Good luck!