Friday, March 1, 2013

Medicated CD5 and So Tired

I seriously can't stop yawning.  I've cut back to only one cup of coffee a day.  I had the mid afternoon head ache yesterday to prove it.  Growing so many little eggies is a lot of work! :)  On a happier note I don't feel as bloated today.  I could be doing retrieval as early as next Friday (more likely Saturday or Sunday) as long as everything stays growing at a good pace.

Okay song for the day:

No reason other than it is kind of a fun peppy song and I need to cheer up a little bit for the weekend.  I was Mrs. Grump yesterday.  Also I am working on learning this song on my guitar!

Our furniture was in and Dick and my dad went and picked it up. I LOVE it!!!  I will take a picture, but I have to do it during the day to get decent lighting.  Nothing too exciting for the weekend, probably sticking around home and hopefully going x-country skiing tomorrow!

That's all!  Hope you have a great weekend!


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