Monday, May 13, 2013

11 Weeks - Milestone

What is my milestone today you may ask at 11 weeks?  Today is my last day of PIO shots and pills!!  After 59 days straight of injecting a 1 1/2" needle into my hip (upper butt cheek) twice per day that is 117 injections (not including stims) and tonight is the last one.  It truly is a mind game because sometimes it hurts (sometimes really bad) sometimes you wouldn't feel a thing, and sometimes you would hit a vein and blood would spray out as soon as you pulled the needle out.  Sorry is that TMI?  Anyways, it just gives you an idea as to why they are no fun.  You never know quite how the injection will go.  My body celebrated with a nice round of morning sickness before I even was able to get up and eat.  Don't get me wrong I hate having morning sickness but sometimes it gives me that little sigh of relief that baby is most likely doing well.

Next topic, Mother's Day.  Over the past years I had started dreading Mother's Day (nothing against my Mom of course) but it is such a day of reminder that I in fact still was NOT a mother and there was nothing I could do about it.  Yesterday every wish of Happy Mother's day to me brought tears of happiness to my eyes.  I am a mother, I have a baby inside me.  I will never forget though how that day made me feel when it seemed like there was no hope and my thoughts are with those still fighting that battle.  There really is nothing that can be said to make it easier.

I have my first regular OB appointment this week Thursday.  I am excited because I have worked with this doctor when we first realized that we weren't getting pregnant and she was actually the one who referred me to Wisconsin Fertilty Institute.  She was very caring and comforting.  I remember my last appointment with her and I was upset and crying and she was so hopeful and told me I would be back to see her on the other side (OB).  Almost 2 years later here I am.

One other update this week, we have officially made our pregnancy official on facebook.  It is a little bitter sweet I guess telling people that no idea what we went through to get here, but also getting to feel almost like this is just another normal pregnancy.  Some of the pain is starting to slowly dull.  I know it will never be forgotten and I wouldn't want it that way.


Update 11 Weeks 1 Day, I cheated and wore a dress :)


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