Wednesday, May 1, 2013

OB - Labs

Can you believe today is May 1st?!  The weather has finally started shaping up and it is actually looking like spring outside.  My tulips finally opened up yesterday (what I wait for all winter).

I had my first OB Labs and I wasn't worried other than the fact that I am under new insurance and am kind of waiting to see if there are any nightmares related to that.  I also called to order my last 1/2 order of PIO!  Only 13 more days to go (actually 12 -1/2)!  I also had to face one other disaster...the scale.  I'm going to admit I have been eating... a lot!  Much more than normal, but that's normal right?  I'm hoping to see that + gained number actually go down now that I am really starting to feel better and have been making better food choices now that I don't feel I need to run to the bathroom just by looking at a vegetable.  I also hope the nicer weather will help me get outside more and get movin'!  Finally I have heard once you go off the prog. and estrogen that can reduce the weight gain as well.

My first regular OB appointment is May 16th and am hoping they will do an U/S, the lab technician mentioned they might, but perhaps not since we have had one already.  Since the Mr. is starting a new job that week he won't be able to attend, but my Mom will be coming with me.  That is really all for now.  Things are still crazy and hectic as usual!


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