Monday, July 15, 2013

20 Weeks! - - Halfway!

I don't even know what to say.  I am so excited and nervous about being 1/2-way through.  I really never imagined time flying by this quickly.  Slowly but surely we are getting small tasks accomplished, but we have so much to do yet.  I started a little project this weekend for the nursery.  After browsing online and in stores I haven't found much for decoration that I have liked for my "ocean themed" nursery so I decided...wait why don't I just make something and if I don't like it I only have myself to blame.  So I did!  I bought a 4-pack of 5x7 canvas frames, the primary paint colors, a few paint brushes and got to work:

 I love how they turned out:

If you are wondering, yes those are googly eyes!  Total cost for supplies was just under $15.00!!!  I used inspiration from some pictures I posted to Pinterest. 

Other fun happenings over the weekend, I went with my Cousin and saw Little Big Town at our county fair

and Sunday Dick and I went over to our friends house to play Euchre, Bean Bags and Ladder Golf:
Another great weekend in the books.  Baby has been kicking up a storm lately and each day the kicks get a little big stronger.  I am feeling like there is less pressure on my bladder depending on the position of the baby so I don't feel like I get up in the middle of the night as often to use the bathroom.  At the fair I had this nice woman let me "go" in front of her in line while waiting to use the bathroom since she noticed I was pregnant.

Anyways...20 weeks to go!  I'm feeling really great and trying to enjoy each special moment and milestone to the fullest.



Nikki Kueffer said...

So cute!!!

julie Thomas said...

LOVE the art work!! Very cute theme. :) you are so crafty! Lol

Ms DanL said...

I love love love the artwork! I think it's even cuter because you made it & someday, maybe it will be a favorite or even better, passed down! :)