Friday, July 12, 2013

My Right of Passage Into Womanhood

I'm so proud to say that I have completed the final right of passage into womanhoon.  I have started and completed an electrical project - on my own.  Without shocking myself, killing anybody else, crying or shedding any blood.  I've always just sat back and watched in amazement as though out my life I have watched numerous light fixtures get changed and other various electrical projects as though the "electrician" was some sort of wizard.

Here is my story of how I have become one of those wizards:

We have been working on a face-lift for the house as we move into finishing up our 5th year of living on Lexington Blvd.  Our house has been a project from the start so we never have really stopped updating and projecting, but there are a few minor changes I have wanted to make to the front of the house for a very long time.  So let me take you on a little photo tour of the phases of change to the front of our house.

2008 - Move In -
It is kind of far away, but you can see all the plants around the house are out of control and taking over everything.  Also roof is terrible and needs to be replaced - completed in 2009 (Note: 2 vehicles we no longer own - RIP Monte and Black Beauty)

2008 - After Some Clean Up
It is hard to see, but the shutters are a faded black color, the storm door and board below it is rotting, but all the large out of control plants have been removed and is ready for planting.

...5 years go by...
2013 - Today
Shutters and front door are repainted, perennials are planted, front storm door is fixed along with kick board under door.  AND...most importantly...this...

is now...THIS...and I changed it!!!
...applause....applause...takes a bow
Seriously people, it is the little things.  Yes I know these changes are barely visible to the common man, but they make me happy.  Mostly it is just nice to have a house with a curb appeal that I can be proud of.
Now that this project is complete I am overly excited to continue to work on the nursery and if you are bored check out my Pinterest Baby page.  Hooray!

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