Monday, August 26, 2013

26 Weeks!

Another week has flown past and summer is almost over.  I consider labor day weekend the end of summer which is when I usually go through and start putting up my fall decorations and start getting really excited about everything "FALL".  We aren't there quite yet though!

The theme of this week was TOMATOES!  I did a lot of canning and there is actually still quite a bit left to go.   Here is my fancy tomato instagram photo...
To date I have canned 25 pints of salsa and 2 1/2 quarts of tomato juice.  This is something we have been doing for about the past 3 years and each year we do something a little different or try to make things a little easier.  This year was no exception.  Dick introduced me to the idea of using the food processer to slice and grate the onions and tomatoes instead of chopping them by hand.
Other than that this week baby has been kicking up a storm and I noticed that the kicks have been much higher and closer to my ribs and upper belly.  I can also see my belly moving around from the outside and shake when baby is doing flips or jumping jacks or something in there. 
I wanted to get this posted so my picture this week I'm in my under tank top and probably look a little worn out since it is getting a little late for me. :) but I really wanted to show how much the belly is popping out!

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