Tuesday, September 3, 2013

27 Weeks...end of Second Trimester

This is the last week of my second trimester and just under 3 months to go until my due date (Dec. 2nd).  The weather has cooled off a bit just in time to enjoy a nice Labor Day weekend these past couple of days.  I was glad to be home and get some much needed cleaning done in the house and more importantly the babies room!  I also put up some of my fall decorations as I do every year on Labor Day weekend.  It is a nice change in the house and gets me excited for fall!  I may have overdone it just a bit and was extremely sore after.  My BIG score this week was finding a changing table on craigslist for...... drum roll please.....$15!  It is in really great condition!  Seriously Mommys-to-be...there is so many nice used things out there which you can save yourself so much money!  (and use it as an excuse to splurge on other things).

Sleeping has become more difficult having to wake up every little bit again to go to the bathroom or just turn over.  I am also generally a sweaty mess despite the air being on and a fan blowing directly on me.  My allergies have kicked into turbo gear which is really the one thing making me miserable.  I've noticed pregnancy has made allergies x2 this year.  I've read it is because things are already more constricted with the increased blood flow and so you feel even more congested. 

On a more positive note, one thing I'm looking forward to is next week I will be doing another 3/D, 4/D Ultra sound for GE!!  I'm taking my Mom along with me for this trip.  Every time getting to see baby is so exciting!  Here's to a great last week of the second trimester and to the start of a healthy uneventful 3rd!!!



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