Monday, September 23, 2013

30 Weeks!

Today has me in total shock that there is approximately only 10 weeks left of this pregnancy.  I'm beyond thrilled that at this point I am very comfortable considering my size and what is all going on in my body and that I am having an extremely healthy pregnancy.  Today it really hit me that THIS is what I have been waiting YEARS for and I want to enjoy each moment as we get closer to having our baby in our arms.  Excuse me while I tear up :).

This past weekend was so much fun!  My parents had a big party at their house and it was so nice to see family and friends that we don't often get to see.  I did a lot of standing around though that had me completely wiped out yesterday, but it was so worth it!  I've also begun receiving a few baby gifts that have me feeling so emotional and loved! 

Lastly in this post I want to reflect a little bit because while all of my dreams are coming true, this is not the case for many of the friends I have who are still struggling with infertility.  Going through infertility is something that changes your life forever and the feelings and emotions you go through leave a deep impression on your heart.  It would be wonderful to say that everyone who goes through a journey like mine ends up with a baby, but unfortunately that isn't the case.  All we really have is the belief in hope that everything will work out in the end.  Please take a second to say a prayer for all the couples who are still hoping and dreaming for their miracle to come true.


 PS Here are a couple photos for this week.

#1 Sneak peak of the nursery:
#2 30 Weeks Bump Photo:

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