Monday, October 28, 2013

35 Weeks!

Ahhh the never ending battle with the insurance company...  I finally got my first bill for prenatal appointments and everything is totally messed up.  Why should I expect anything less?  I think I have figured out what needs to be done, but now I just have to wait for the health insurance and doctors office to straighten things out.  Why should anything be easy ever?  I also found out I need to be pre-certified before I go to the hospital or could end paying an extra $500 if I don't.  Can I call and do that now?  Nooooo...I should wait until I am closer to delivering.  What the heck is wrong with this world?  Oh honey my water broke and the first thing we need to do is call the insurance company.  Come on!!!

In happier news, we had a great weekend kicked off with a Halloween party at my friend's house.  We dressed up as a "bee family":
Dick was the beekeeper, Lady was a little bee and I was the beehive.  It was a lot of fun!  Saturday my good friend Keely came to visit and we spent some time out and about, eating marvelous foods and even had time to bum out on the couch, watch a horror movie and catch up.

Sunday was my family's side baby shower!  It was so wonderful and I must admit my baby is going to be very spoiled.  We got a lot of wonderful gifts and it was so nice to see family & friends.  It is exciting to know the next time I will see many of them they will be getting to meet our baby!

When I got home Dick was bartending so I brought in a few of the gifts, but plunked down to watch the Packer Game and relax (my back and hips are killing me these days).  There seems to be an extra amount of pressure down there and at times I feel like I am definitely waddling as opposed to walking.  I'm sure that is pretty standard at this point in my pregnancy and only means we are getting closer!  The only other major discomfort is the non-stop acid reflux that can no longer be controlled by tums.  I need to run out later today and get something stronger!

Things get no less busy this weekend as we head out of town for my 3rd and final baby shower for Dick's side of the family.  (I told you baby was going to be spoiled!!!) 

I took this picture yesterday and thought this was a good one to share as my belly pic for the week:


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