Monday, October 21, 2013

34 Weeks!

Yes, only 6(ish) weeks to go until BABY!

Last week was difficult trying to get back into a normal routine (if you are wondering why see previous post first).  Emotionally it was nearly impossible, but physically going to work, doing normal things around the house, being at home all made things start to feel a little like normal.  There are still the constant reminders of Dad being gone, but we've made it two weeks.  I continue to take things one day at a time.  Everyone seems to be holding up okay.  Dad taught us to be strong and this is no exception.  I remember as kids he would tickle our feet and say "Now you need to learn control so no laughing."  I don't know if he was happy or bummed when he could finally tickle our feet without even a giggle from us.  I remember being so proud of myself that I had 'control'.

I often think of all the things Dad had taught me and all the things I want to pass down to our baby.  I didn't always understand why my parents did things the way they did, but the intention was always in our best interest.  After the experience last week I've realized our family bond is stronger than I even imagined it was.  We have Mom & Dad to thank for that.  They have always treated each of us as special, but no one better than the other.  Each of our experiences have been different because all three of us have different interests, but we have always been supported no matter what.  That is how I want to raise our baby.

This week I start the beginning of weekly doctor appointments.  I had one of my baby showers (yes I am spoiled and will have 3 total).  All signs, including my gigantic belly point to the fact that baby will be here shortly.  I have been feeling good for the most part.  It is getting harder to pick things up, sit for long periods of time, stand for short periods of time, and all the things that are expected.  However, I am still sleeping at night, able to get out and about whenever needed (don't tell Dick this he might stop doing late night runs to the store for me) and overall feeling pretty good.

Last but not least the thing I am feeling above and beyond all is LOVED.  In the past two weeks I have either seen or heard from almost everyone who has ever touched my life and that is very special to me.  We don't always get to say it to each other but I have heard I love you repeatedly, gotten more hugs and kisses and despite our loss feel like together we can all keep moving forward supporting each other and remembering my Dad as one of the most special people who has touched all of our lives.


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