Wednesday, November 13, 2013

37 Weeks!

Ahhh...I'm late in posting this week.  We have been busy doing some things around the house and preparing for babies arrival!  We are about 99% ready now...I don't think you are ever really 100% ready, but we have everything we will need plus more.

My exciting deal from last week I wanted to share is that when I went in to "close" my baby registry we were sent a 20% off coupon for Babies R Us (15% without the BRU card).  Well since I didn't already have a BRU card she told me if I opened one that I would get an additional 15% that day.  So guess what I did! :)  I really feel like I got some good deals!  I bought the Modela Breast Pump originally at about $280 and with the sale on it plus discounts ended up getting it for $153 which I'm pretty sure is less than buying it at the hospital which they told me was around cost at $200.  The BEST part of the whole thing is I was opening the card and gave the lady my Mom's maiden name and she looks and me and goes..."Don't tell me you are Ellen's daughter!"  and it turns out the lady setting me up is a relative!!!  Small world I tell ya!

My OB appointment went well this week.  For those tracking HB baby was in the 130's this week.  Doctor said it was great.  As far as positioning, baby is head down and we are thinking back facing out with the butt just to the left (my left) of my belly button with little feetsies kicking my right side rib cage.  Kind of in the pike position.

I have to be honest I am getting pretty uncomfortable with how HEAVY I feel.  If I stand for a short period of time my feet start tingling, it is hard to roll over in bed or even lift myself out of bed.  I'm just so thankful for a healthy pregnancy that I really shouldn't even complain about some of the normal discomforts.  One of the things I find to be so funny is every night around the same time baby gets hiccups for 10-15 minutes.  I can't help but laugh because it feels so unusual!!!  I've had so much movement which is great, but at times can be nauseating.  We've got an active little bugger in there! :)

This week I also spoke to my doctor about the "plan" in case labor doesn't start on/before my due date.  I can't remember if I mentioned last week's cervix check was completely closed.  She told me if I start feeling contractions they will do another cervix check and if it starts ripening and no labor they might induce when we get closer to my due date.  If nothing we will wait until past my due date, but go no later than 2 weeks past.

Here is the belly photo for the week:


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