Monday, November 18, 2013

38 Weeks!

Nothing much has changed since last week.  I see the OB tomorrow and I'm not sure if she will check my cervix for changes or not.  I still haven't been having any contractions and I can't remember if she said they will check.  The only thing that makes me think I am close is how big my belly has gotten and how HEAVY the weight feels on my lady parts.  At last weeks check she assured me that the head is down and Baby should be staying put since there isn't much room to maneuver. 

The good news is all the movement I have been still feeling.  Usually as I am winding down for the day Baby is getting nuts!  I think he/she may have even woken me up last night with all the craziness.  I'm so ready to meet this little person!!!

The swelling in my feet and hands still comes and goes.  If I sit too long or stand for too long I get the Fred Flinstone looking feet, but usually by the next morning they are back down a little bit.  I can still shave my legs, but I have to be careful balancing in the shower.  Shortly after balancing on one leg my foot begins to tingle.  I took my rings off for good measure.  They still fit, but I don't want to risk them getting stuck.

This is gross, but I keep checking for a mucous plug when I go to the bathroom, but nothing so far.  I guess I just need to wait and be patient and enjoy these last couple of weeks before the craziness begins.  Baby will come when baby is ready!

Daddy-to-be has been doing some of his own "man-nesting" and my garage was cleaned yesterday.  I keep a task list for him to stay busy and there really isn't that much more to be done!


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