Tuesday, January 14, 2014

6 Weeks

This week has started out kind of rough.  The good news is Richard has been sleeping longer at night...the bad news is that I wasn't woken up and ended up getting a clogged duct in my left breast.  Needless to say it is extremely painful and it still hasn't resolved.  I've experienced almost flu like symptoms, chills, sweats, body aches and pain in the area.  I've been trying everything the nurse recommended, heat, showers, vitamin C, massage and on and on and I just can't seem to get it to open up.  I have an appointment with the OB today so I'm hoping they can help me or let me know what else I can do.

So last week I broke doctors orders of no exercise and did a Zumba class.  I was really excited about it because I didn't get out of the house much due to the extremely low temperatures (-30-40) so as we got started I realized every time I jumped I was peeing my pants and there was no controlling it!!  It was funny but embarrassing and uncomfortable.  So the rest of the class I skipped all the jumping parts.  I guess I better work on my kegels!

Also last week I started doing my volunteering.  I am volunteering at a place that takes care of the mentally disabled.  To get started I am using my sewing skills to make clothing protectors at home.  Then once I have a few made I will drop them off.  There are also some other opportunities that I may volunteer for later in the year.  This cause is very special to me because my Dad had always talked about volunteering at this place when he was retired, but he never got the chance.

Richard Bear is doing really well.  He still loves being swaddled during naps and at night and now is sleeping between 8 or 9 until about 5 in the morning.  Sometimes he wakes up around 12:30 or 2:30, but not always.  Unfortunately I don't get to enjoy this extra sleep because I am up pumping, but I'm happy he is such a good sleeper.

Only 2 weeks of maternity leave left.  Very bitter sweet because I love spending my days with him and all the smiles I get to see and just watching him sleep, but I'm excited to get back into more of a routine.  I've been able to save up 40 oz of milk that I have frozen which should help while we transition to day care.  On that note we found a woman who does daycare out of her home and we really connected with her.  I'm very comfortable with her watching Richard and she seems flexible enough to fit with our schedule.

Last thing for the week is we are having a baptism affirmation service on Sunday with our families present.  I'm still very happy with my decision to have him baptized right away, but it will be nice to also have a service with our families present.



Katie Warpinski said...

Sounds like masticst (spelling is way off) I had it with my 2nd at 3 months old, then it turn into thrush because I was put on antibotics . So if they give you though get probiotics.

Good luck.

Katie Warpinski said...
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Cheryl said...

Julie -- how wonderful that you're finding time to volunteer and nurse and love on your little man. I love reading all the updates. I hope you feel better love. He is seriously perfect and I'm so proud of you! Hugs -- keep posting! :)