Monday, January 20, 2014

7 Weeks

Only one week of maternity leave left :(.  I hope to make the most of this week and get as much baby time in as possible.  He's getting so big!  Here are his "big" baby feet!  They are so long and skinny just like his Momma's feet!  I got kicked several times trying to get this photo and he kept curling up his toes.  It was so cute.
 I also was able to catch this smile in a picture.  Usually right after eating I get about :30 minutes of coos and smiles, that is if he doesn't get fussy right away which happens sometimes too.  Then he is ready to be bundled up in his swaddle, pacifier and into his swing for a nap.
Sunday was his baptism affirmation service which basically means family commits to help making sure he is raised in the Christian faith and also affirming he was baptized 12/5/13.  We had a wonderful service and a small get together after at the house.  Again Richard was spoiled with gifts!

Here he is with his Godmother Kendall and Godfather Stephen.
 Here he is with Grandma Suhr and Grandma & Grandpa Goss.
He was good the whole service and slept in his Godmother's arms.  What a good baby!

Here is the update on my volunteer project.  I've finished 13 of the clothing protectors which will go to 4 guys who are being moved out of Bethesda into a group home.  I was told to buy these would be $10-12 to buy so it was wonderful to have someone who can make them.  I have to credit my mother-in-law for supplying me with some of the material that I used.

This week I have a haircut scheduled for Thursday which I am going to go for a little bit different of a look.  Stay tuned next week for a before and after!  That is all for now!


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