Sunday, March 16, 2014

Interviews have begun!

Things are starting to roll with the interview process and I realized...I NEED TO GET OUT OF MATERNITY!  So I went shopping :) (since nothing fits post baby body)

Putting on a suit really made me feel like a person again!  I had one phone interview and one in person interview last week.  I got a second interview this week Tuesday and another in person next Tuesday (first interview)!  Keep your fingers crossed I find something soon!

In the meantime I have been keeping myself busy.  This week we visited Great Grandma Ruth:
Visited with Family

and went out to visit Dad

This week Richard has seemed extra alert!  He has always been an alert baby, but now he is really focusing on things and it is fun to watch him watch things!  I played guitar for him and he watched my fingers the whole time.  Unfortunately he also found his SCREECHER!  He is getting so big!  Here are some photos from this week:


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