Monday, March 10, 2014


What a fun week this has been.  There has been more than once that I thought...wait!!! he's never done this before.  One day I was sitting at my computer and I heard this...
He is definitely been warming up his vocal chords this week.  I hear him cooing and gurgling all the time and we will chat back and forth.  The next thing I noticed this week was I had him in the swing and he was fussing and then stopped.  I walked over and saw this:

 He found his thumb!  I'm not sure if I should be excited about this, but I think it is so cute.  Maybe not when he is 5 and still sucking his thumb...oh well!  He seems to be soothing himself in this way.  When I got up this morning he was sucking away and the extra sleep for me didn't hurt either.

I couldn't help crack up I was doing some exercises at home and he decided to join in on some leg lifts.  His form is much better than mine.  LOL!
This weekend we went to visit the in-laws and Dick and I actually got to go out for a couple hours together.  We stopped at Dick's favorite pizza place and were surrounded by screaming kids!  I guess we should have known better, but we still had fun.
I also couldn't help but capture a photo of 3 generations of Richards - Grandpa - Baby & Daddy!
These past couple weeks his grip and hanging on to his toys has really improved.  He even picks them up on his own.  My little advanced !  Ha Ha!
Over the weekend I took him outside for a couple minutes, but mainly I just wanted to get some use out of his little outside suit because it is so cute!  Because he has a liner in his car seat we don't really dress him up when we take him out because he gets too hot.
Finally, today we got to go on a stroller walk.  I've been waiting for this day since he was born!!  The temps reached upper 50's and with the single digit days we've had it felt like a heat wave.  Unfortunately we had to walk through so many puddles.  Lady and my shoes both got soaked!!
Hope you enjoyed the pictures this week!!  Tomorrow I have 2 phone interviews so my "time off" may be fairly short lived.  I'm trying to make the most of it!


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