Monday, April 21, 2014

Stats Update & Easter!

Time has gotten away from me the past couple of weeks.  Let's start out with some stats!  We finally got his 4 month well baby appointment in today.

Weight 14lbs - 12oz  28%
Height 27 in 93%
Head 43.8 cm 75%

We have also moved on to 9M clothing.  My tall skinny boy.  His appointment went well, but I pointed out his ear "pit" and she told me it is called a Congenital auricular fistula.  It isn't something to be extremely concerned about at this point but we are going to schedule an appointment with an ear and throat specialist to keep an eye on it.  It can get infected and then cause problems.  He also had his vaccinations today.  At this point he is rolling from back to front and sometimes front to back, can bare all of his weight, started eating a little rice cereal and is working hard on his hand eye coordination.  Today he was giggling at me as I played peek-a-boo waiting for his appointment.  He flirted with the nurses and won all of there hearts! :)

As for sleep he goes down for bed around 7:00 PM, we do a 10:00 "dream feed", he wakes up once more usually between 2-4 AM if at all and then usually sleeps until 6:30-7:00 AM.  I've pretty much adjusted to his schedule, but still like to take a short nap during the day when he does.

We went down to visit Dick's uncle in IA for Easter weekend.  Here are a few pictures:

We had a great time enjoying the 70+ weather and visiting with family.  We both slept most of the long drive home while Daddy had to stay alert.

Me Updates:
I've started the "Paleo Diet" basically a diet that focuses on getting back to the basics, meat and vegetables and it is going really well!  I've lost a significant amount of weight in the first week and am currently on week 2.  I've found that I really enjoy preparing meals, and when I say preparing I mean I am buying fresh food and have to do some of the processing myself.  It is really interesting to me because I was so dependent on grains and have had to be creative especially with breakfast.  Today I spread cooked carrot shreds on my eggs.  Sounds gross, but wasn't half bad!

On the job front, things are going okay.  I guess not great since I still don't have a job, but I do continue to have 1-3 interviews each week and have started moving along in a few of them to 2nd interviews.  I'm really excited about one that I have this week.

This Friday is our 5 YEAR Anniversary!  I can't believe it!!!  We often joke what number of years it has been by adding _______ LONG years.  Raising a child and becoming Mommy & Daddy has definitely changed our relationship, but there is nothing better than working as a team and being proud of what we have accomplished.  There are ups and downs and being sleep deprived makes them more severe but we have worked through each hurdle and come out stronger in the end.  Anyways, I'm going to end there and leave you with an adorable morning snuggle picture I took:

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