Tuesday, April 8, 2014

4th Annual Indoor Garden Planted!

I can't believe this is the 4th year I have been doing an early indoor garden.  You may remember my set up from years past.  This is a (heavy) homemade contraption my Dad put together for me that has been modified to include 2 lights last year and a small heating pad underneath the plants:
I'm only doing a total of 50 seedlings (tomatoes, green peppers, jalapeno, cucumber & zucchini) because in years past I have been known to go way overboard.  This should be sufficient!  I also am trying a new starter tray.  In the past I have done peat pots and this year I am trying pellets.  This is also much later than in the past, but it has been a cold spring and hopefully the plants will still have plenty of time to grow!

This year gardening will be a little bitter sweet but I hope the memories of years past fill me with the enjoyment and fulfillment which made me love gardening in the first place.


Update - Shortly after posting this I was driving and it was kind of rainy and I was feeling sad about Dad and the garden.  I looked up and saw this:
See the rainbow?  It lasted less than a minute and then was gone.  What a beautiful sign of hope and love.  Dad is watching from heaven!

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