Thursday, June 5, 2014

6 Month Old and the Workin Momma!

Did you miss me?  Its been a little while because things have been hectic!  I started back at work for a new company doing Outside Sales.  I'm loving it, but getting used to managing my "free" time (I have none.)

My little boy turned 6 months old this June 1st.  Half a YEAR!  What!?  Things are going really well.  We are back into a routine and he is growing perfectly.  We just had his 6 month check up and he is 28 - 1/8" which is 93% and 16 lbs 1 oz 22%...Mr Tall and Skinny!  He is eating solid/purees and loves carrots and sweet potatoes.  So far I have been making my own baby food and feel great about it.  I'm still nursing/pumping.  It has been more difficult at work, but I still manage to make some for him.  We started supplementing with donor breast milk.  This has been a life saver for me because I was no longer producing enough and I wasn't wanting to give him formula yet.

Other milestones include sitting on his own, starting to drink from a sippee cup and able to get into crawl position and move slightly forward.
One difficult thing for me working is less time with him.  It is a little bitter sweet because I feel like I can enjoy him more with a little less time, but worried that I miss things because I'm not with him all day.  I went to pick him up at daycare yesterday and he was sitting up playing with a toy laptop!  What who's kid is that?  Not my little baby!?  I'm in denial!!!

He is definitely curious about the world around him, LOVES his puppy Lady and of course his Momma.  He is working on saying Bah-bah-bah...not sure if he actually is connecting it with his bottle or if he is just practicing talking.  Either way it is adorable.  I could go on for hours about every cute little detail but I'll hold off for now.

This weekend I am doing my first "overnight" away.  I'm excited but scared.  I've never been away for that long, but I know he is in good hands with his Daddy.

That's all for now!


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