Tuesday, July 1, 2014

7 Months

Wow is my baby growing!  Here we are at 7 months and he is so much fun.  He can sit on his own, he is eating 3 meals of "food" per day and right now really focused on talking!  All day long bah bah bah....-gah gah-gah---dah dah dah!  It is so cute!  I keep saying this, but he is so close to crawling.  He is kind of scooting forward now getting into crawl position and then walking his feet forward.  He just can't get the hang of moving his hands.

This month we went on our first Mommy-Baby mini-vacation to Chicago to visit my good friend Keely.  We had a blast!  It was difficult though being away from Daddy and parenting 24/7.  I realized how lucky I am to have such a good parenting team!  I also had my first weekend away from baby over night and it was sad, but kind of nice to be responsibility free!

This past weekend we celebrated a joint birthday party with my Sister-In-Law hosting a pig roast!  It was fun, but as with any party that requires some major planning I was happy when it was over.  Between the new job and parenting it is much more difficult to use free time on things not related to baby....Speaking of I am going to share a few pictures and then spend the last few minutes before he goes to bed!

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