Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Big Brother...little Sister

I can't deny I was excited when I found out we were having a girl. I've always had hoped to have one of each a boy and a girl.  I have always felt lucky to have brothers and I hope Leela feels the same way.

Richie and Leela have settled in nicely to the roles of big brother and little sister.  Richie really wants to help with his little sister but hasn't quite figured out the word gentle.  So I spend a lot of my day trying to keep him occupied and keep her happy.  Each day is different based on how well everyone has slept and everyone's temperament for the day.  I do try to include some time where he can be near her and we can practice being gentle.  Sadly most of the time this leads to Richie ending up in time out.

Finding things to keep a toddler occupied during the day is exhausting.  Everything is really interesting for about five minutes and then he is ready to be onto the next thing.  That is fine when I am not occupied by feeding the baby or it is something he finds to do inside while the baby is awake.  Generally whenever she falls asleep we try to sneak outside and keep an ion her with our video baby camera.  The latest and greatest outdoor activity is his new sandbox.  As I figured it was cool for about five minutes.  Richie loves going into the garden with me and helping pull weeds and loves it when I hand him a vegetable or fruit to eat.  Right now it is raspberries and we are both loving it.

Leela has the started developing her personality.  She still spends most of her time sleeping but is having longer periods of awakeness and smiling.  She spits up a lot more frequently than Richie ever did and we are trying to find the culprit.  The past few days I have been trying to cut out dairy to see if that will help however I am afraid that my letdown is just too strong and that has been causing her to spit up.  She doesn't seem nearly as bad when she drinks out of a bottle.  I am hoping she just grows out of that because she will be able to handle the letdown better as she gets older.

I have just about four weeks left of maternity leave and I'm really enjoying my time.  I love being out in the country and just love my new house.  We still have a houseful including my mom and brother but my mom should be moving to her new house in September.

Well I better get to bed she will be awake soon to eat!

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