Friday, July 10, 2015

2 months with stats

My little toots is 2 months old already!  She is just over 12 pounds and 23".  Nothing crazy but very healthy.  She can still wearing 0-3 but moving right along into 3-6.  Just 3 weeks of leave left and today more than ever I thought to myself well going back to work will be okay!

She sleeps usually 8-9pm through anywhere between 1-3am depends on the night and then usually to 5-6am.  Pretty good stretches!  We are really in the swing of things and have a somewhat nice routine of naps and eating during the day.  Most days we get lucky with at least one or two big naps 2-3 hours and Richie and I wonder around outside picking berries, playing in the sand box or water table.  I have a video monitor to keep an eye on Leela.

I have to admit though I am tired!!! That deep down tired that no amount of naps can cure and who am I kidding I don't get naps!  2 kids is different because there is no sleep when the baby sleeps because you are chasing around a toddler.  A very busy active toddler who like to get into things!  Speaking of sleep I need to get to sleep!!!  That's all for now!

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