Monday, October 19, 2015

Mommy's night away

Last weekend was my first night away in quite some time.  I scheduled a visit with my good friend Keely who lives down in Chicago.  Let me start off by saying I started this trip off fairly tired!  Baby girl woke approximately 8x the night before so I was really appreciative of a night away.  So I hit the road around 9AM

When I arrived around 11:45 there was lunch on the table and man was I ready to scarf the delicious soup and pizza bread!

Next we hopped on a bus to take a "fall stroll" on the 606, an old railroad turned walking/bike path in the city.  We made sure to grab a latte, pumpkin spice of course and do a little shoe shopping (Toms) before hitting the trail.  It was a beautiful day!

Now keep in my I am a breastfeeding Momma so this trip did not come without its "pumping breaks" however my hostess was extremely accommodating.  We made sure to grab cinnamon apple graham cracker custard though before heading back.

Though I'm not much of a baseball fan I agreed to watch the Cubs play in the post season series because I was told there would be delicious beers to drink.  I watched the game and mainly played around on a new app I downloaded called untappd.  A fun app to keep track and log different varieties of beers!

Since our original stop was only streaming the game and kept experienced get technical difficulties we finished the game at a bar called The Globe and ate appetizers.

That was about all I could handle and we made our way back.  We finished the night with a Honey Butter chicken sandwich and I fell asleep.

The next day we went down to cheer on a friend in the Chicago marathon
and it was such an inspirational experience.  I am now amped up to start running again and signed up for a Thanksgiving 5K!

I made it home to my honey and my babies just in time to watch the end of the packer game and spend some time outside

Yes indeed Mommas need breaks too!

I'm so lucky to have a husband who agrees!!


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