Thursday, November 5, 2015

6 Months & Mr. Big Boy Bed

So much has happened this month!  Richie has moved into his big boy bed, Leela is in her crib.  She has been sleeping so much better and going to bed earlier 7:30-8.  Almost the same time as Richie.  She is a side sleeper like her Momma.  She started solids this month along with still nursing.  She takes 3 - 5oz bottles at daycare and one solid meal at dinner.  Like her brother she likes sweet potatoes and carrots and again we are making our own baby food.  We are so excited to have over 900 oz frozen breast milk and I'm still pumping enough each day at work so we haven't had to use much of it.

She can sit up and loves playing in her kitchen.  She is very chatty and thus far is a mommas girl!  Tonight we noticed she popped her first tooth!!!  Halloween was this past weekend and I had a little duck and a chicken.  

We've been so busy with work and parenting and house chores its kind of nice to have the kids sleeping early so we can relax.

Richie cracks me up every day whether it's his excitement about BIG trucks or asking "you okay"? Every time I sneeze.  He loves Thomas the train and Mater from Cars.  He also loves to color and paint. 

He also loves being outside.
Somehow I've managed some time for myself!  2x per week I stay after work and go for a run with my coworker before I pick up the kiddos.  A couple weekends ago I spent a day/night in Madison and saw Wicked, ate ice cream, and ate at a German restaurant and drank a boot of beer!

I must say life is exhausting but amazing!

I feel so blessed to have what we have and be where we are at in life.  I'm a firm believer that God answers prayers and He has given us more than I could have ever imagined.


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