Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A New Travel Partner

This is an interesting topic to me because I have done quite a bit of traveling and usually it is with different people.  Most recently I have gone with my husband, friends, and even by myself, but in a few weeks I will be traveling with someone who I haven't "vacationed" with since I was probably about 13 years old. 

Thankfully when I look back on Suhr Family vacations fun memories always come to mind.  The earliest memory was probably around the time I was in kindergarden.  We took a road trip out to Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming with the 5 of us (Mom, Dad, Jason and Rob...oh and a never ending tape cassette of the Beach Boys).  I laugh when I think back about the amount of patience Mom and Dad had taking an 8, 6, and 3 year old on a road trip!

Anyways, it is interesting how relationships change and develop over time.  If you would have asked me when I was 18 who my ideal person to take a trip with I can definitely tell you it would not have been this person.  I can tell you she felt exactly the same way!  However, I have grown up (at least somewhat) and in a couple weeks my Mom and I will be traveling out to Seattle to visit relatives and just get away!  I am extremely excited because over the past years my Mom and I have grown very close.  I am so thankful for that relationship because she is the person I can tell all my secrets (sometimes to Dick's dismay), she makes me feel better when I am sad, and overall she is just fun to be around. 
Sorry Addison you can't come.  Maybe in a couple years :)

So Mom...when you read this (because I know you will)!  This is my little way of saying, "sorry I was such a brat when I was 18"  "you were right, I was wrong" and "we are going to have an AWESOME time in Seattle!"



Anonymous said...

Aaawwww,thanks Julie, that actually made me cry! I'm really excited to be going with you too!! I love you!:) I'm not anonymous, but I'm to dumb to figure out how to post this otherwise!!!!

Anonymous said...

Awww! I think you two are stinkin' cute! I agree with you about traveling at 18 with my mom too, funny how we grow up and they become our best friend. Have fun in Seattle with your momma.