Monday, July 25, 2011

Recharged and Ready

Hello all!

After feeling quite down last week, (refer to previous post I had quite the adventurous weekend and put a lot of miles on my Equinox!  The weekend started (early because I took Friday off) with a visitor from PA!  My college roommate Mrs. Katie "Po Po" Spangs came to visit Beka and I in little ole Fortkinson!

 Friday morning it was off to Fennimore to visit my brother and sister-in-law and Baby Noah!  I got to spend a few hours baby sitting, and had a great time going to lunch and Grab-a-cone (  Saturday it was off to Sauk City to spend some time with a long time friend (21 years to be exact) Melissa and make our annual trip on Sunday to Noah's Ark in the Dells.  I guess that pretty much covers most of Southern Wisconsin.

It was nice to just get up and get away for the weekend and spend time with great friends and family!  I discovered a renewed excitement for cooking having been treated to some awesome food the past couple of days.  Melissa and I have decided to start a "Dish of the Month" where we will decide on a recipe, cook it for dinner during some point in the month for our hubbies.  Review the dish and give eachother feedback and store the recipe in our cookbooks.  I will make sure to post pictures to my cooking link (  Anyone is welcome to join by adding yourself to our facebook group:

Happy Monday!


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