Tuesday, July 19, 2011

You can't always have what you want...right when you want it.

Hello everyone!

I know it has been awhile, but as usual summer has started sucking up all my free time and this heat...well  99 degrees out as we "speak" (read...write...whatever!?) is making everything difficult.  Its like when everything shuts down in Florida when it snows, I think everything should shut down in Wisconsin when the temp. goes above 90 degrees.

Anyways the weather is totally irrelevant to this blog post.  I may just be procrastinating because this is a very difficult blog post, but I finally decided I wanted to write about it.  Well here goes:

What the heck is this Julie?  This room to me represents a dream, a wish, a want.  This is the "spare" bedroom in my house.  What do I mean? 

Many of you do not know that we have been trying to start a family now for the past two years and so far unsuccessfully.  I have been through a lot of frustration and disappointment over this and also learned a lot since my first "check up" with the doctor on May 20th this year to find out ...what the heck is wrong with me that something so natural, so normal has become so difficult
(sad, frustrating, terrible, upsetting...).

What I learned though since that doctors appointment is that I am not alone!

 Almost 1 out of 6-7 people have problems with fertility. 

It is such a private topic (even though I am now blabbing it to the entire web) but it is actually very common!  There is entire communities on the internet and support groups, I am pretty sure there is even an entire language for us "infertiles".  (http://www.fertilethoughts.com/forums/general-infertility/704976-list-infertility-acronyms.html)

The result of the doctors appointment was that we are two very healthy people and we fall somewhere into the mystery category that the "blame" (can't think of a better word for this) doesn't fall on either of our shoulders.  However, they put me on a medication called letrozole to help things along.

 Back to the photograph of the spare bedroom...I spend a lot of time lost in thought and hope that someday it might become a nursery.  Until then I will keep taking my perscribed medication (Letrozole) aka crazy pills (they make me very moody) and keep you updated with any progress/news.

Please feel free to ask me questions or share your own story and check back often!


PS.  Hopefully this weekend some pictures to come on a few garden/landscaping projects.

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