Thursday, March 22, 2012

Acupuncture = Amazing (so far)

So I must say my first acupuncture appointment was amazing!  I went in with a poor attitude (still recovering from BFN) and a terrible headache.  After checking my tongue?!, pulse and having me lie down on the table she went to town sticking in very thin needles.  Immediately my legs felt a slight tingling.  Interesting!  Then we talked about possible liver stagnation (what ...ewww)  and she left the room to let me relax.  After about 10 minutes my headache was gone and I was feeling in a much better mood.  This was such a nice feeling after 3 days straight of being just miserable.

A friend recommended a book to learn more about acupuncture and other TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) techniques and I started reading The Infertility Cure: The Ancient Chinese Wellness Program for Getting Pregnant and Having Healthy Babies It is an interesting read on treating infertility with Western (RE, medications, IUI, IVF...ect) vs. Eastern (Diet, Herbs, Exercise, Acupuncture).  All the questions and things the acupuncturist had done started making sense.  After reading the symptoms section I thought to myself...hey wait a minute..she is right, I might have liver stagnation (still gross).

The book compares the treatments to gardening/lawn care (which I like).  Western is more like applying chemicals to your lawn and plants and Eastern is more like organic fertilizers and natural composts.  I love a good analogy, and about gardening...even better!  Anyways, I feel like I am more prepared (even though I still have a lot to read) to speak more intelligently with my acupuncturist when we meet on Saturday.

So far I just feel a lot more positive energy and we all know that is a good thing. 



Amber said...

Sorry to hear how you've been feeling the past few days, but very happy to hear how much you liked acupuncture! I've never tried it and have always been curious about it. It sounds very relaxing!
The book sounds very interesting as well.
Wishing you lots of luck this month!! 2012 is our year...lots of time left in it :) Can't wait for your good news to come!!

Lilly said...

I might have to check that book out! I LOVE my acupuncture sessions! although last night I had one and went in with a headache...for some reason last night just didn't do anything for me. :(

i came home - went out to eat with the hubby, and we got home around 9 I had a horrendous headache and went to bed early. :( hopefully next week's session is better!

anyways - good luck this month!!