Monday, March 19, 2012

Here we go again...Month 30

..but who is counting right.  This weekend was a little less than wonderful with AF showing up Friday ending my cycle.  A little bit of a scare Saturday which may have turned out to be a possible ruptured cyst and a laundry list of setting up the meds. and appointments for the new cycle.  I am trying so hard to stay positive and be happy, but with such a rough weekend and then everyone and their pregnant sister showing up at Menards on Sunday, I am having a rough time.

Thankfully I am starting acupunture TODAY! I told her my number one thing is STRESS relief.  She said she can hopefully do that and more.

Here is what this month looks like for those who like to keep track:

3/18 - 3/27 Letrozole 125mg CD 3-12
3/19 - acupunture appointment #1
TBD - acupunture appointment #2
3/31 - ultrasound appointment
TBD - ovidrel shot
TBD - Results

As usual, please keep me in your prayers this month.  I celebrate the big *28* this Friday and hopefully can put aside some of this stuff and actually enjoy myself.  Happy Monday All.


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Lilly said...

Yay for acupuncture!!! I've had 3 appointments, with two being actual therapies..OMG I LOVE going! my next appt is wednesday. :)

And - month 30. I totally feel you. We just hit month 24. the two year mark. :(

but anyways - you will LOVE acupuncture!