Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I lose when it comes to being patient

I was told by several intelligent people not to do this, but I tested with an HPT anyway this morning (12DPO) and surprise...surprise NEGATIVE.  The crappy thing is that I had a dream right before I woke up that I had taken a test and it came back not only positive, but the test somehow had all these other cool stats that when I woke up I realized didn't really mean anything. So then I was so happy and excited only to be smacked with reality.  It is still a few days early, so anything is possible, but I have lost 99% of my hope this month.  Today's symptoms include more cramping and mood swings. My temp. dropped a few tenths of a degree which is not a good sign.

I will wait another day and if the red lady doesn't show up I will try testing again Friday.  Those HPT's should really be put behind lock and key so I can't do this to myself.

Man IF sucks the life out of me!


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