Monday, March 12, 2012

No Update, but NEW Look!

Hey Everyone,

Just a quick update that there is no update for this month.  I have been feeling very little "symptoms" other than wanting to eat like a pig.  That however could just be me wanting to eat like a pig. 

We are expecting some beautiful weather in WI this week and I celebrated on Sunday by planting one small row of radish and one small row of lettuce.  It is a gamble I know, but I have a few sprouts already coming through from seeds that never came up last year.  I have a friendly competition with my Dad every year on "who has the better garden" and having the first sprouts definitely counts as a small victory!

I have a lot of pictures I need to upload soon so check back often!


PS.  You like the new look?


Amber said...

Sorry to hear the no update for this month Julie...hang in there!!! It WILL happen!! There were so many days I cried thinking it wouldn't happen for us EVER... When you get the great news all the hurt and pain you've suffered will be lifted from your shoulders. Thinking of you!!
Good luck on the garden!! Spring is arriving early :) Enjoy the sunshine!

Julie said...

Thanks Amber! I imagine IF is going to be like a huge scar that even though the pain fades away, the memory of IF will always remind us of the pain we have had to endure. After the good results we had this month getting the follicles to grow I am starting to have hope again. A term my clients always use (drives me crazy) but cautiously optimistic! If not this month, at least we know we are on the right track to finding the right formula! I am still so excited for you!!!

Lilly said...

Hi! Just want to say, I like the new look!! :)

Julie said...

Thanks Lilly!

Cheryl said...

How good of you to plant and want to grow your own lettuce. It's so much safer than buying conventional I'm learning! :)