Monday, April 2, 2012

Cross Your Fingers - IUI #1

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to put up a quick update about our 1st IUI (hopefully last :) ).  We went in Saturday for our ultrasound monitoring (CD16) and everything looked really good.  Three big follicles measuring 24, 25 & 25!  Our RE had me take the Ovidrel shot Saturday night and we made our appointment for Sunday morning for the IUI. 

The numbers from our lab "sample" came in off the charts in a very good way!  The only bad thing for me was that they have you come in with a slightly full bladder and after my hour ride into the office I really had to go!  Then they were behind by 20 minutes and I had to sit another 10 minutes after the IUI.  Jeepers!  Other than that we couldn't have asked for better numbers and timing so now we get to sit and wait some more.

I was surprised that it wasn't really painful at all.  I did have a little bleeding post IUI which had something to do with opening my cervix, but other than that not too bad!  I have to believe that the result of my follicles have something to do with the acupuncture.  I need to call and set up an appointment for this week!  Aculady will be sooooooooo happy!

Anyways, keep us in your prayers this month and we should have our results in about two weeks.  Also keep your fingers crossed that this is the one (two, or three...LOL)!



Amber said...

Glad everything went well for you!! I'm hoping and prayin for you both Julie:) try not to stress too muh the next two weeks...easier said then done right? Good luck!!! Hoping for a BFP!!!!

Julie said...

Thanks Amber! Ugh...trying not to stress, but ovidrel shot is in full gear today and all three monster follies were on the same side = major cramping today. It is a very good thing because our timing was perfect, but man the cramping isn't fun!

Sarah said...

Get used to being uncomfortable! I really believe this is it for you, I've been following along with your journey. Thanks for sharing, I will continue to send good vibes your way.

Kate said...

Fingers definitely crossed. More nieces and nephews the better :)

Julie said...

Thank you everyone! The support is so wonderful to have during this time in our lives. We really need it!

Melissa said...

Praying for you guys! Good luck these next couple of weeks! Hoping for a BFP for you guys!!