Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Trying to enjoy life while WAITING

Infertility makes you feel like you have to put your life on hold.  Each day brings a new kind of waiting...Waiting to start taking drugs, waiting for the next ultrasound, waiting to ovulate, waiting to see if this month was the one.  Waiting, waiting, waiting!  It is enough to drive a person insane. 

I am struggling to keep moving forward since treatments have gotten more intense and rather then looking forward to the fun planned for the weekend, or the upcoming Easter Holiday, I find myself only thinking about how quickly I want the next two weeks to be over.  WHY do I keep doing this!???  This is very hard to overcome. 

One of the ways I started to do this year was by setting some goals for myself for 2012.  I accomplished another one of these goals 2 months ago and have been so caught up in everything that I haven't had time to post about it.  I think you will really enjoy this :) !!

4.  Host a theme party - I chose a spa themed game night.  I had some very good friends over and we all participated by bringing some of our favorite spa things - foot baths, nail polish, facial masks, ect!  Then we would alternate doing a spa activity with playing a game.  We had soooo much fun!  Here are some pictures from the evening:

I need to remember that life is happening all around me and that I can't just let life pass me by as I wait around for the next cycle.  Thank you to my friends who have been so supportive including those who made spa night so special and those who help me carry my burdens every day.  I wouldn't have made it this far without you and I know you will continue to support me no matter how this month turns out!  I love you all!


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