Monday, April 30, 2012

Has Anyone Tried This?

Although we have taken a break from our standard treatment this month from infertility we are not on an official break.  This month I am going forward with acupunture and an herb called Maternal Herbal.  Has anyone tried this herb while TTC?

I am currently taking this along with my weekly acupuncture appointments.  While this is still expensive it is a large "discount" from the well over $1,000 I spent last month trying the IUI.  I also actually feel normal this month.  The most difficult thing was dealing with the hormones last month and managing my disappointment.  So far I am noticing very little side effects from the herb.  The last time I actually cried was during Grey's Anatomy during an emotional scene... so that is good!  I always cry during that show anyways!  We are currently about 1/2-way through this month.  I had to pull my thermometer back out because I need to know for sure when I do ovulate because that changes the acupuncture protocal.

Tonight I go in again for one last major session before we (hopefully) hit the ovulation mark and we are trying some stims in addition to the normal acupuncture!  I just love how "going all out" in TCM means a little discomfort followed by extreme calm and relaxation vs. traditional medicine which is just an entire month of out of whack hormones and mostly just discomfort.  So that is the update.  I would love to hear if anyone else has tried this herb and if it works I will be suggesting it to everyone!

Tonight is also my very first guitar lesson!  I'm so excited.  All weekend I would take it out of its case just to admire it and strum away and start to feel comfortable holding it!  Wish me luck!


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Cheryl said...

How exciting that you're taking guitar lessons!!! FUN!!!