Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mixed Signs?

Do you look for signs in life?  I'm a big believer in that when I am not all worked up and crazy on hormones.  Now that I am not I have again been looking for signs in life.  Signs that we are on the right path.  Signs that everything will be okay.  Signs that what is meant to be is meant to be.  This weekend I noticed some mixed signals.  My husband and I went down the visit the in-laws (his family).

The first sign I noticed was a beautiful amazing symbol of freedom, independence and strength.  Driving with my sister-in-law from the in-law's farm into town a bald eagle flew up from the ditch as we drove by.  I have never seen one that close up!  It was amazing and gave me the chills. 

Later that even a "not-so-amazing" sign, no I wouldn't even call it a sign.  We went to the casino for a little bit to relax and do a little gambling.  I had been waiting on my favorite slot machine, Wizard of Oz :) and as I go to sit down I see right next to me this 7-8 month pregnant woman, sitting on her boyfriends lap passing back and forth a cigarette.  Are you kidding me!?  Now I'm going to be honest and not say that I am not one to judge because I am in this case, but I couldn't help but get the overwhelming feeling that life sometimes is just not fair.  Why them and not me.  You could really tell how in love they were by how after each push of the button they had to pause and kiss each other, or could it be the short amount of time they had actually been together that they were still doing silly things like sitting on each other's laps in public and kissing every 30 seconds.  Hey, I said I was going to be judgemental didn't I?

Thankfully last night as I was working away in my garden I could again see the beautiful sign of life growing all around me.  The iris and lilacs blooming, my lettuce growing, radish and onion.   I couldn't help but feel energized by the life and growth all around me and let go of my judgements.

What signs do you see in life?


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Cheryl said...

I definitely believe in signs. And I'm a strong believer that when you visualize long enough, it will happen. Keep your faith! Your garden definitely appreciates your love and attention and I just know that more will grow! ;)