Tuesday, May 15, 2012

IF Update

The update once again is that there is no update.  I'm just getting anxious as another month comes near to an end...or a beginning?  We are at the 12DPO (CD 30)  mark and you will be so proud of me this month, I have not taken a HPT yet!  This is good.  This means I am calm (sort of) and that I am not totally letting it consume my life (right at this moment it kind of is though).  I'm starting to understand what they mean by balanced Qi.  I have been doing weekly acupuncture and taking an herb called Maternal Herbal which I wrote about a few blog posts ago.

Anyways, what has been filling my time is work, gardening and learning to play my guitar.  I have mastered the E, A, B7, G and D7 chords.  I am working on C, Am and F.  I am starting to learn "Hotel California" by the Eagles!  It really does bring a great joy to my life to just sit and practice and play chords.  I'm really looking forward to playing and having it sound decent :).   My garden has had a really good start so far this year.  I planted lettuce, radish and onion early in March and have been enjoying them ever since!  I also took a little risk by planting my tomato plants that I had grown from seeds and last night lost about 1/2 of them to a naughty little bunny (my new arch nemisis). 

I have pictures to upload, but I just need to remember to do it!  Stay tuned.  Fingers crossed over the next couple of days that AF keeps away!


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Kendall Suhr said...

Here's the way to fight Bunnies - plant chive right near the tomatoes. We kept getting our bitten off at the stem and they were gone, we planted chive between them and we haven't lost a tomato plant since - it works like a charm!!
Sending you prayers, wishes, hugs, and all of the above over the next few days.