Thursday, May 17, 2012

Top 10 Reasons...

Okay instead of making this a really sad miserable post (how I feel) because AF once again showed up to ruin my day, I am going to make it a happy post about the

Top 10 Reasons I can be happy about AF showing up today.
  1. The delicious beer I am going to drink at our bean bag league tonight.
  2. I knew it was coming so I didn't wait to long to check and ruin my favorite underwear that I wore today.
  3. The beer(s) that I am going to drink tomorrow night at my campfire.
  4. The caffeine loaded latte I am going to get Saturday morning before headed to the music store to pick up so new sheet music.
  5. The amazing wine I am going to consume Saturday afternoon/night.
  6. The fact that I can blame my insane bitch-i-ness the past few days on PMS.
  7. The new catch phrase I want to introduce "My period made me do it!"
  8. Wearing my "fat pants" and not caring what people think.
  9. The fact that I won't have my period next week when I go up north and I can wear shorts (if there is nice weather) and not have that weird gross period feeling.
  10. Giving the next person who tells me they are pregnant the stink eye and saying... see #7
That's all folks!  I'm in limbo.  Do I continue acupuncture and taking herbs, do I completely take a break, do I save a little money and try another IUI?  I'm not going to make any decisions right now because my hormones are controlling my brain at this very moment.  I would love to hear any other funny ideas to add to my list... Today I feel like a masochist.


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