Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Next Up: More Testing

Hi Everyone,

I'm still kind of pulling myself out of the dark hole I have been in the past few days, but I am definitely getting there.  It doesn't hurt that this weekend I will be taking a nice little road trip to see my FAVORITE country singer Jason Aldean.  Just saying his name... "Jason Aldean" cheers me up!  (Don't worry my husband is well aware of how much I love JA!)

Anyways, back to my post I spoke (messaged I guess) with my RE yesterday about our options moving forward.  She said we could continue and do another IUI or that there is more testing that we could do including testing my ovarian reserve and testing for endometriosis.  How you ask?  Well the ovarian reserve test would be a simple blood test to basically tell how many eggs I have left in case I am at risk for early menopause.  In that case I would assume they would push along IVF a little bit faster.  The testing for endometriosis is actually a surgery called laparoscopy that you can read more about here.  For the squeamish the surgery isn't horrible, but definitely doesn't sound like fun.  I have some, but not all of the symptoms of "endo" since my early teens I have always had painful periods.  I truly believe this should be our next step instead of another fingers crossed IUI (even though the past two haven't worked and we don't know why). 

At this point I would just love to get some answers, does that mean I am hoping I have endometriosis?  Gosh I don't know the answer to that!  If it means that we can finally have an answer and can fix it with surgery and have our baby (and live happily ever after ...LOL!), then I guess the answer is YES.  The surgery is set up at this point for August 29th.


PS.  Thank you so much for all the comments and support after my last post!  It means a lot to me!

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