Monday, August 6, 2012

One thing leads...

A new week leads to a new set of problems.  WTF!!??  Let me start by saying I haven't seen a "family" doctor apparently since I have been married.  That is over 3 years now.  It helped me remember that I AM a healthy person despite all the doctors visits lately due to IF.  I had to give my maiden name for them to pull my name up in the system.  Why you may ask was I making an appointment?  I have been having terrible stomach problems over the last week.  This is kind of an ongoing problem, but got really severe over the weekend. 

Basically what happens is I eat something and either it agrees (no burning stomach ache) or doesn't and I get a terrible nauseousness that turns into burning in my stomach.  This was not happening that often before and suddenly last week it started happening with every single meal.  This weekend the pain lasted an entire day so I decided it was time to set up an appointment.  I can only wonder if all this is related to each other or not, but since it is all in the general area I can't help but think it is or perhaps just related to the STRESS caused by the infertility. I guess I will find out on Thursday. 

Other infertility related news, (may be TMI for stop reading if needed) I am currently on CD23 and still have yet to ovulate this month.  Granted last month was a medicated cycle, but the entire cycle was only 28 days.  I did finally get a + OPK today, but the signs have been around for 8 days now.  This is starting to drive me crazy! (er).  Even if I do ovulate today the shortest this cycle will be is probably around 35-36 days IF my luteal is only 12-13 days.  I don't know if it is from the possible cysts leftover from last cycle or what is going on.  Needless to say I am not liking what is going on with all this.

Last news item.  I went in for an AMH test on Friday.  They just draw blood for this test.  (Took them two tries :(...) I will find out in a week what the result is.  UPDATED SEE BELOW The test tells you from a fertility point of view if I am actually 28 or more like 45 because the test will tell you about how many eggs you have left or your ovarian reserve. 

Thankfully this is a short week for me and we will be going up to the family cabin this weekend to spend some time with friends and family for our annual "Suhrfest".  It is always a blast!



Hi Julie,
your AMH value is really good, no worries about premature menopause, the number is quite high!

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Sarah said...

Great news with your AMH! Dont try to worry too much, as long as you are ovulating you still have a chance to get pregnant. The cycle that resulted in my daughter I ovulated on cd 23 and that was following a chemical pregnancy the cycle before. Good luck!