Friday, September 21, 2012

Mobile Update - Lap Results

Wednesday I had my laparoscopic surgery in Madison at Merriter hospital.  I was so nervous about it all week!  Anyways the nurses were wonderful and my doctor was so great.  When they took me into the operating room she was there and took my hand and held it the entire time they prepped me for surgery.  She told me they were going to use Dr. Robot to help with the surgery which was a good thing!

I was chatting about scary movies with the nurses when I felt a pinch in my IV...the anesthesia...and a short while later I was out!  I woke up in recovery and felt so tired still under the grip of the anesthesia and don't remember much.  Then I got back to my room to get the news second hand from the dear Mr...  and it went something like was mild... and they removed scar tissue and a clump of something from your bladder...wait...not your bladder but from somewhere...???  Then he showed me the pictures which I got to keep.

The next day I spoke with the doctor directly.  I had mild endo and scar tissue near my ovary and a few other places removed and a small clump of possible uterine tissue on my bowel (not my bladder).  She told me just removing the endo alone changed our pregnancy chances from about 18% to 32%!  In my mind this was the best possible outcome, which was finding something to give us a reason for infertility but not finding somethinh so bad we wouldn't have a chance.  So in an effort to show my healing progress and the actual marks from surgery here is my original picture after surgery and one from today.  I have restored hope that we are one step closer to becoming parents and the motivation to keep pushing forward.  Thank you for all the support the past couple days from family and friends.


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Lilly said...

That sounds like it was a success! Course, only time will tell...but it sounds like your surgery went well!
Good luck with recovery!