Tuesday, September 18, 2012

What a Great Weekend...Now back to Reality!

My Weekend in Pictures

Thursday night we made a fabulous taco dinner complete with Jarritos to drink!

Off to watch the heated Packers vs. Bears game in our own private lounge.

My first pair of Toms!!! Bought at Shoo in Madison on State Street.

A quick group photo by the Mendota Lakefront Terrace.

Nothing says Wisconsin like a big campfire complete with beer, brats and smores!

Off on Saturday to the New Glarus Brewery for a tour and sampling...yummy!

The tour was self guided...

Here is out front of the brewery.  Notice all our fun colored pants! :)

Our farewell dinner and a few games of Rummy, followed by a movie at home.
If you didn't read my previous entry I had a few visitors this weekend, and if you couldn't tell by the pictures we had a fabulous time.  We jam packed the entire weekend with "Wisconsin" filled activities and had a nice relaxing Saturday night.  It was just what I needed leading up to this hectic week.  As I have mentioned before, tomorrow I have my laparoscopy surgery which is basically checking for endometriosis.  If it is found the doctor will also try to remove it right away.  I'm extremely anxious about it.  After tomorrow we could potentially no longer be UNEXPLAINED.  After today I have the rest of the week off to recover.  Wish me luck!


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Amber said...

Thinking about your Julie!! I hope surgery goes smooth and you get some answers. Take care!! Let me know of I can do anything.