Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Preparing for Next Weeks Laparoscopy...Eeks! ...and more test results!

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to give you a quick IF update...brought to you in part by my "obnoxious" seemingly perfect thus far uterus.  I went in for my pre-op appointment not quite sure what to expect.  She did a routine physical and after feeling my neck (thyroid) area mentioned it seemed enlarged.  She checked my charts and said it had been awhile since I had my TSH and Prolactin levels checked (probably since May 2011 when I first started seeing the OB for IF).  So I didn't make it through an appointment without drawing blood, BUT this was the first appointment in awhile I got to keep my undies on...(he he!)  Its the small things I tell you!

Anyways, in addition to that I had to wait a day for my results (no worries I will tell you what they are if you keep reading, but you will love the suspense), and I found out I have to do a gallon (which I will refer to as the gallon challenge) of Golytely, you know the gallon of stuff you have to drink before you get a colonoscopy and spend a delightful evening within a step of the toilet.
Source WebMD
She said this is a precaution in case I have any scar tissue on my intestines/digestive organs so they can take care of it right away and not have to close me up and go through this again.  They will also do another HSG - to double check my tubes only I will be knocked out this time.  Thank goodness because this was a fairly painful thing the first time around.  It could be anywhere from a few days to a few weeks for recovery.

I got the results of my TSH and Prolactin today:

TSH: 1.588 mlU/ml
Prolactin 15.9 ng/ml

These both fall under perfectly healthy normal levels...takes a bow.  Did I ever mention I hate you UNEXPLAINED INFERTILITY!!!  Now don't get me wrong, I am extremely happy for my overall health, but after almost 3 years I am ready for some answers.  Hopefully this surgery will give me the answers I need to move forward.

Okay back to the positive side of things...I  have 3 very special visitors coming to see me this week and we have a ton of fun things planned.  I'm ready to show them a "Wisconsin Good Time"!


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