Friday, January 11, 2013

The Working Woman Housewife Part 1: Make Life Just A Little Easier

Hello All!

I wanted to start a series of more light-hearted posts so I don't seem like a 24/7 raging hormonal be-atch!

 Sometimes I am just a regular person trying to make life a little bit better and a little bit easier and that is what I want this series to focus around.  I've chosen to write about topics that I come across in my daily life being a wife, working full time and part time, and having way too many hobbies and also trying to simplify life just a little bit.  (Hopefully as I get into this series I can add being a MOM that list as well :) )

So let me set the scene: It is 5:01 PM and you are headed home from work.  There are so many things you could be doing, but the #1 thought crosses your mind.  "What will I make for dinner?"  You get home, sit and think about it, look through some recipe books find one and then realize you don't have ground cumin!?

Do you:

1. Run to the store to pick it up and then add another 10 things in your cart you don't need?
2.  Make the recipe anyways and realize...oopsies it would have probably tasted a lot better with it?

Now for me...I have a grocery store literally in my back yard.  When I say literally I mean it:

That blue grey corner of the house is mine, that big building in the back is my grocery store.  So it usually isn't a big deal to run over there.  For most I can only assume it is more difficult!

So how to solve this dilemma you ask?  A weekly dinner menu!  I sit down on Sunday plan out the entire week of meals and do my grocery shopping for the week based on the menu.  I reserve a couple nights for "leftovers" but it is insane how much anxiety this takes out of your daily routine.  If you are lucky and you get your husband on board he may even offer to get things started for you or GASP make the meal himself.  I find myself able to easier set out the meat needed in the morning to thaw, taking less time to make the meals because I don't think about if I have such and such ingredient.  I also find myself cooking better, healthier meals and including more vegetables (which I also usually include on the menu).  We also eat our a lot less because we have the food in mind that we are going to be eating that night and it just makes sense to save money and eat what we already have.

I've noticed that sometimes we get busy or have an off week and forget to write up the menu and I get frustrated by what to make for dinner.  It is a simple task to add to your life, but in my book very rewarding.

Does anyone else do this?

Does anyone else have a different system that they use?


Stay tuned for The Working Woman Housewife Part 2: Do You Have A Clean House?


Melissa said...

Austin usually does the cooking (thank God!) so I am one lucky girl! We've recently decided that we're going to go gluten free. We'll have to try the meal planning thing to make everything easier!

Amber said...

I do the same thing!! I just wrote up my list and went shopping yesterday. I love it- makes dinner so much easier. We also eat out less when I have ableist of meals.